In addition to education and research, the faculty also provides health care services at multiple sites and in different platforms as follows:


Center of Medical Laboratory Services

at Siriraj hospital

  • The main function of these centers is to provide laboratory diagnosis and radiological technology service at the international standard for out patients and customers from both private and public sector who come for their annual health check-ups.
  • Other than this, these centers also serve as learning and training sites for our students, foreign exchange students, foreign trainees and personnel in the medical or radiological technology profession.

Community Medicine

(Mobile Unit)
  • The Faculty also conducts a health outreach program through Community Health Care Service to provide health screening and annual check-ups.
  • This mobile service integrates our expertise in both medical technology and radiological technology to evaluate the health status of individuals, deliver consultation, and provide health information needed for promoting good health, health awareness, and well-being of the people.
  • The faculty’s concepts of delivering health promotion to Thai people are that

International Center for Medical and Radiological Technology

at the Golden Jubilee Medical Center

  • 6:00 – 16:30

   0 2419 7395 | 0 2419 7398 


Community Medicine

“ Good health can be accessible for all in a tangible manner, Good health can effectively be seen at the molecular level inside the individual’s body, and Good health has to be derived from the individual’s self-awareness ”

   0 2411 2347 | 0 2419 7167 | 0 2419 7166 Ext. 151