B.Sc. - M.Sc and Ph.D. distinction programs in Medical Technology

The distinction program of the Faculty of Medical Technology was established in 2010 to offer exceptionally talented undergraduate student the opportunity to study and graduate with a dual qualification, which is an integrated degree of bachelor and master degree or bachelor and doctoral degree in medical technology in a shorter period of time. The program has unique aspect of the curriculum designed to focus on research. To help the student to meet the degree requirements of both master degree or doctoral degree in a shorter period of time, the distinction program students can select to enroll the graduate courses and start to undertake research training tailored to their research interests during their undergraduate study thus acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin the research work and pursue their research project for graduate study.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students for the program must be a registered second year undergraduate student of the Faculty of Medical Technology.

The criteria for acceptance to the distinction program include an outstanding academic record (with a minimum grade point average of 3.25) and evaluation by the program committee.

For more information please contact

Dr.Lertyot Treeratanapiboon

E-mail : lertyot.tre@mahidol.ac.th

Tel: +66 2 441 4371-9 Ext. 2842, 2843 Fax: +66 2 441 4380