Mahidol University Education Philosophy

” Administering education that focuses on learners’ achievements by means of a learning-centered approach for self-development of knowledge, abilities, and new skills “

The Faculty offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in Medical Technology and Radiological Technology, the Doctoral Degree in Medical Technology, the degree combines undergraduate study with postgraduate-level study including the B.Sc.-Ph.D. Distinction program in Medical Technology, B.Sc Medical Technology and Master of Management as well as Short-course training programs for continuing education.

Our programs have revolutionized curriculums by utilizing competency-based, outcomebased and integrative learning approaches to improve the quality and standard of education and to serve an important goal of preparing competent graduates with eagerness for life-long learning and individuals who are capable of thriving in this ever-changing world. Furthermore, Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, TQF:HEd and AUN-QA have been used as a device for curriculum development in order to achieve academic excellence.