Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology degree is designed to educate and train graduates for careers in medical technology and health-related sciences with good attitude and professional ethics in order to work in clinical laboratory efficiently and also work in a health-team to improve quality of life of people and community. Following an initial program of studies in basic science, the students will specialize in a wide variety of medical technology and health-related sciences areas, including chemistry, bacteriology, immunology, mycology, virology, parasitology, hematology, clinical microscopy, transfusion medicine, molecular biology, computing, histology, pharmacology, and forensic medicine.

The MT program philosophy has been set based on a believe that “Learning that enables students to be responsible and engaged through a variety of learning processes, such as direct experience, analysis, research, learning through community, society and culture, will enable graduates to learn continuously, being conscious of the medical technical profession and sustainable development.

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