Center of Medical Laboratory Services

Founded in 1992 and located on the fourth floor of the Out Patient Department (OPD) within the compound of Siriraj hospital, the main task of the Centre is to do the laboratory diagnosis for the out patients and the patients who come for yearly check-ups from various occupations from both the private and public sector. Other than this, it is also a training place for the fourth year Medical Technology students and the foreign students from the Asian continent who have received scholarship funds from WHO and UNICEF to do a short course-training program in Medical Technology.

Community Medicine (Mobile Unit)

Aside from laboratory services offered at the Outpatient Department of Siriraj Hospital, the Faculty also offers its services to the community. Health project is one of our activities to promote healthy life style for the community emphasize on staff of the organization either government or private sector. The mobile unit was established in 1996 to provide annual check up for staff. They would be screened for biochemical, urinalysis, parasitology, hematology, serology, chest x-ray and EKG. The physical examination such as height , weight, blood pressure would also be measured. They were required to complete questionaires concerning their life- style, so that a more comprehensive analysis and report on their status of health could be made. Each staff would receive an individual report on their physical measurements and blood / urine / feces tests results and each organization would receive an overall report on its staff within 2 weeks after collection of specimens. We have mobile x-ray bus and a team to provide on-site chest X-ray, blood taking and other specimens collection. All specimens are brought back to the Centre of Medical Laboratory Service for analysis.

Types of test performed:
Profile for individual with age over 35 years
1) Glucose
2) BUN, Creatinine
3) Cholesterol, Triglyceride
4) Uric acid
6) CBC
7) Urinalysis
8) Stool examination
9) Chest X-ray
10) Physical examination
11) Others

Profile for individual with age less than 35 years.
1) CBC
2) Urinalysis
3) Stool examination
4) Chest x-ray
5) Physical examination

 Tests upon request
1) HDL-C
2) HBsAg, HBsAb, HBcAb
3) T3, T4, TSH
5) Hemoglobin typing
6) Anti-HIV
7) EKG

Lecturer Vanna Pengruangrojanachai

Dr. Tararat Khaokhiew

Mr. Pradit Panichanapun
Medical Science Associate, Experienced Level

Mr. Sirichai Thaiporn
Science Officer

Ms. Arunsri Chuedoung
Medical Technologist, Professional Level

Ms. Lalin Thapanathamchai

Ms. Mayuree Chipthammakhun

Ms. Thachkorn Sanitmatcharo

Ms. Chutimon Pirunthong

Mr. Natapong Pokbankao

Ms. Panida Mongkhonsucharitkun

Mr. Purin Chantawanich

Mr. Nutdanai Linjongsubongkoch

Ms. Manita Sutshu

Mrs. Wanna Inponlek
General Affairs Officer

Mrs. Marasri Konglim
General Affairs Associate, Experienced Level

Mrs. Sommay Chansamran
Admin Officer

Mrs. Kanyapak Tiptep
General Officer

Ms. Jitjira Srichaiwornat
Laboratory Officer

Contact us
Center of Medical Laboratory Services (Siriraj Hospital) Tel +66 (0)87 595 8219